It’s a Big Deal in Sweden!

bdaygirlBirthday nr2 came before we had time to blink. We have been so busy getting everything together it felt like we have had no time to breath, but finally Saturday came and it was little Vera’s Birthday. We finally had time to have some people over since our room finally done and we had created some sort of order in our apartment. Because everyone in America reacts with an apologetic “Oh, you’re turning 20″ due to the legal 21 age limit to drink I though we needed to celebrate the “little one” properly anyway – since it is a big deal in Sweden.

So I went to Ralph, bought too much stuff, and made her (and the other girls) some Swedish Pancake breakfast and cut up some fruits. It was a healthy and yummy way to start the long weekend. The rest of the day we hung by the pool, got a bit of a tan, walked around state-street to get our rent sorted and then had to hurry to fix dinner.

2013-08-31 2013-08-31 003 004-2

We had promised to cook the girls a Swedish meatball and mashed potatoes with cream-sauce dinner and invited Raven and Kevine to come too.Though we ran around like crazy people trying to get it all sorted and ended up eating dinner around eight it was well worth it. The girls loved the food and so did we, it was just plain fun to have a dinner together too. I also had time to squeeze in to bake a cake for Vera and she got to pick the frosting at Ralph. It became a Raspberry-mousse chocolate-cake with chocolate-ganache because I didn’t have time for something fancy. It was a silly-childish-looking cake but Vera loved it and that’s the point. She awarded me with the “Best-Roomie-Ever; Whot up,feeling-like-a-super-woman!

Svanna and Åsa came by later and me and Kevine went out with them to meet up with some friends at EOS. I had a bustingly amazing time and it was so much fun to be back around fun-loving people dancing the night away.


On Monday there was no School because of Labor Day, woop woop. Me, vera and Taylor ended up soaking in the sun at the beach and later was joined by Caroline a new classmate of mine, and old friend of Kattas. It was just an amazing day; walking three minutes down to the beach, soaking in the wonderful sun, taking a quick dip in the bubble-bath when we got back and then getting up for some last cramming studying before school the next day, Perfect lazy day.

I’m off to study some english. I’ll update with pictures in and around the apartment later when we have internet back on – it has been a hassle but I think we might finally have it back tomorrow. Cannot wait. (Spoiled people problem.)

Comments (down below) is muchly appreciated. 

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